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   Herbal Energy Work


Herbal Energy Work is the result of my own personal connection and discovery of the vibrational and healing qualities of herbs. For several years I have compiled and documented a system of healing using the energy of herbs. The herbs are not ingested in any form but rather used as gentle energy currents on and around the body. A small packet of a particular herb or a small bottle containing a tincture is held in my hand. I simply allow the energy to move where it wants to go. The information and techniques I use are unique to me and are not found anywhere else.

The body chooses or “entrains” the herb by giving off an electromagnetic frequency that attracts a particular herb. In this way there is never a mistake as to what the body wants and needs or when the body is ready for a certain herb.

When the body attracts a particular herb, an assessment can be made as to the nature of the dysfunction or illness. For example, someone who needs the vibration of Red Clover may be suffering from a pelvic disorder such as endometriosis. Herbs both indicate and treat the disorder.

What Herbal Energy treatments can do:

  • Biochemically balance the cells
  • Clear out toxins
  • Loosen stuck energy for release
  • Balance hormones
  • Bring down inflammation
  • Help the body release repressed memory
  • Calm and de-stress
  • Send healing energy to weakened areas
  • Bring up and release emotional baggage

Herbal Energy Work is non-invasive and does not require direct touch so it is very suitable for infants, children or anyone who is very sensitive or traumatized.

Our circumstances, if they do not meet our expectations or beliefs, become the source of our unhappiness and frustration, translating itself into a rigid body, high blood pressure, short tempers, a sense of hopelessness. As the body heals, often the beliefs that accompanied early experiences change into an outlook that respects the well-being of the person. We are no longer victims of life but instead we are creative, expressive beings with the power to shape our lives.

The Energy Cyst


When a force or energy of injury is put into you, it penetrates into your tissues to a depth that is determined by the amount of force. It forms a localized ball of energy aided by the body’s tissues. If the body is vital and able, the body will dissipate this energy.

However, if it is unable to do that, the energy cyst becomes more compacted. These areas may contain emotion or chemicals that need to be released as well. It is important to wake up the connection between the brain and the cyst so that the processing of this energy is completed. Where it resides in the tissues, an energy cyst causes pain and loss of vitality.

   Toxic Cleansing

Drugs or medication are not fully excreted by the body’s elimination organs if the body is under stress. If our filtering and excretory systems as well as the lymphatic drainage system are unable to do their job fully, our cells store the chemicals and toxins. There is a harmful effect to this residue: Intracellular goo, increased agitation of neurons, lowered immune system, breakdown of organ function, crystal deposits on nerve membranes and in joints.

   Herbal Energy Flushes


When the system is ready, that is, when the body has made a reconnection with an unhealed part, then the cells are conducive to a clearing of all toxic residue. The energy vibration of certain herbs, moved around the body rather than ingested, break up gluey stuck material, excess mineral deposits or gas; and assist the body in clearing it out through various pathways: energy meridians, skin and organs.

Through the further balancing with CranioSacral Therapy, the rhythmic movement of fluids through the spine and cranial bones assists in the clearing process. As a result you experience a sense of lightness throughout the body and mind, better circulation, better looking skin and hair, and more energy.

Positive Results:

  • a sense of lightness
  • improved circulation
  • clearer, healthier skin
  • healthier hair and nails
  • more energy
  • improved immune system

   CranioSacral Therapy


CranioSacral Therapy was developed by a doctor of osteopathy who noticed a rhythmic motion created throughout the body by the cerebrospinal fluid. Gentle hands-on work in conjunction with this dynamic fluid motion activates the following:


  • release of blocks
  • release of muscle tension
  • skeletal realignment
  • decompression of cranial sutures
  • joint decompression
  • unwinding and release of trauma held in tissue

The aim of this therapy is to develop ease and mobility in the body. All our systems especially the immune system functions at its optimum when the interference of blocks and tension is gone.

Communication between different areas of the body is ensured, especially between the brain and the nervous system. Pain is reduced or completely eliminated.

Somato Respiratory Integration (S.R.I.)

A Bridge Between Mind & Body

See below to learn more.


Somato Respiratory Integration (S.R.I.)


Somato Respiratory Integration or 'SRI' (developed by Dr. Donald Epstein, D.C. incorporating the spinal wave and neural integrity) is designed to move us out of the helpless, hopeless states we find ourselves in. You are shown guided exercises involving hand positions, specific types of breath and appropriate phrases. We use our body to bring attention to a neglected part of ourselves through touch, breath, and movement. The body becomes the internal reference to determine where you are separate, blocked or disconnected SRI takes you out of the mental chatter and into a realm of body consciousness that shows you what is really important in your life.