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"In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete.
I recognize my body as a good friend.
Each cell in my body has Divine Intelligence.
I listen to what it tells me, and know that its advice is valid.
I am always safe, and Divinely protected and guided.
I choose to be healthy and free.
All is well in my world.”   
 - Louise Hay



Intuitive Massage:
Your personal experience of peaceful alignment: physically, emotionally and energetically.

I offer the unique experience of a deep tissue massage alongside the component of releasing energetic interference and bringing unresolved information from the subconscious into the light for clearing. 

After the massage we do an Angel Card reading providing further healing guidance and themes supporting your soul’s evolutionary journey. Your cards are specific guides to positive changes occurring in your life and the harmony that is accessible between your thoughts and intentions in keeping you aligned spiritually and emotionally.

How will you know if this work is right for you?
You want to increase your vibration and positive focus
You want an upgrade in your energy field with better connection to higher self
You want to live in alignment with your personal truth
You want to be aware of faulty belief systems, dualistic thinking patterns, painful habitual thoughts, and release them
You want to increase connection to your truth and intuitive self/Emotional guidance system
You understand that the physical body is a manifestation of the energy body but have many issues to clear in this present life.

What to expect:

Enhanced joy, happiness and deeper connection and understanding of your personal truth.
Receiving intuitive guidance about people, places and experiences that serve your highest good.
Releasing self-sabotaging programs and creating new positive programs that generate abundance and manifestation capabilities.
Unbelievable loving awareness for yourself – respect for your divine.
This practice was developed to be used on it’s own or as a perfect compliment to other energetic modalities such as: Craniosacrael Therapy, Homeoptathy, Naturopathy, and Energy Medicine.

All healing is changing vibrations from within as the body is an energy system
“Each of us is here to discover our higher self.
To express our Divinity. To express our talents.
To be in service to humanity”
- Deepak Chopra