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   Grettal's Goal

  My goal is to activate and facilitate the healing consciousness of our bodies so that we can grow into healthier, less defensive and more aware beings.

   Client Feedback

  "What I find extraordinary about Grettal’s work is that with very gentle, light touch or no touch at all, she activates my own body’s energy to go where it needs to go, in order to heal itself."

   Grettal Fryszberg B.A., H.D., C.S.T., Craniosacral Therapist, Medical Intuitive

Grettal FryszbergGrettal Fryszberg, B.A., H.D., C.S.T.
Craniosacral Therapist
Medical Intuitive
Homeopathic and Vibrational Health Practitioner

Grettal Fryszberg received her B.A. at University of Toronto. She began teaching at the elementary level and then moved to teaching English in High Schools. Overcome by mid-life doubts and depression she started looking for a way to renew her life. She was experiencing ill health and stayed bedridden for days with bouts of bronchitis, flu, bladder infections and general fatigue. Her first encounter with body-mind therapy came with Network Chiropractic and Somato-Respiratory Integration. Both involved breathwork and connection to internal energy Systems that addressed spinal alignment and energy centres.

Subsequently, she was drawn to CranioSacral Therapy because of the restorative and balancing nature of the cerebrospinal fluids in action with the bones and tissues. An adjunct of CranioSacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release brought her into the world of healing through connection to tissue memory. She was impressed with the work John Upledger had done with Vietnam veterans as well as the success he had with autistic children.

Her initial experience with mind-body healing was very profound and unexpected: a sudden connection to a consciousness that brought her back to her own inner world where she remembered a promise she had kept for herself.

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Tears came spontaneously and she felt free to reconnect with her spontaneous, inquisitive child. Several powerful images came to her, one being the Healing Mother who gives unconditional love. The other was the Priestess-Shaman who was in touch with universal laws and forces. During the following months she underwent a breaking down of her body armour as each session brought visions of swimming in a sea of colours where she recognized her joyful soul essence. Spiritual lessons and certain healing gifts also started coming to her and she had a strong desire to use her abilities to help others.

These experiences are open to everyone who wants them. They are our birthright and are built into our bodies. They are there for healing and guidance but society has been so closed-minded and threatened by the concepts.”

As she underwent more physical and emotional health for herself, she found herself becoming less stressed and more focused. Her values began to change as she began to regard the body as having healing potential that had not yet been fully explored and included in the Medical Model. After 5 years of clinical experience doing Somato Respiratory Integration, she completed courses in CranioSacral Therapy and started applying it along with her other techniques and intuitive gifts. Most recently she has developed her own therapeutic-vibrational system, Herbal Energy Work, using specific herbal energies applied as matching vibrations in and around the body.


Another area of her expertise is working with quantum time and space to complete unhealed processes. Through many case studies she has found significant relationships between the frequency of herbs and a particular illness or condition. The herbs started to highlight for her places in the body that were under stress. “It was like having an X-ray machine without the invasiveness of radiation.

Her future plans are to start lecturing and to create teaching workshops as well as continuing her one on one sessions with her clients, which she feels are the most valuable and rewarding part of her work.