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Welcome to the website for Activating Health - the practice and healing work of Grettal Fryszberg B.A. C.S.T., H.D.

This site will contain the latest updates regarding workshops, new healing techniques and anything else relevant to the world of activating your own health.

Activating Health Therapies offers Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Medicine, Vibrational Plant Therapy, Somato-Respiratory Integration, correcting T.M.J. problems, and reducing stress and anxiety.

  Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction


Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction
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  Post Concussion Syndrome


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Using CranioSacral Therapy
as a way back to health.


Trauma is anything that shocked or overwhelmed the body or mind and as a result became suppressed. Birth trauma is one of the most prevalent and debilitating imprints in our nervous system and yet can be released through hands-on somatic techniques that restore balance to the skull, the brain and the essential nerves exiting from the brain stem.

Another trauma that is becoming more common with the popularity of “cleansing” is toxin trauma. The body is unable to release parasites, bacteria, fungi or cellular debris and will create tumours and cysts to keep these threatening elements contained at a cost to your health.

The most important underlying principle of my work is to calm the mind so the body can heal.

Through mind-body release systems I use gentle, specific steps towards healing that leads to:

• elimination of pain and illness
• revitalization of organs and endocrine glands
• greater emotional and physical health
• release of toxins and harmful micro-organisms
• improved cellular and nerve communication
• peace and clarity of mind
• stronger sense of self, stability and confidence
• clearing subconscious fear patterns

I work with your “healing pattern” which is the imbalance in the musculo-skeletal form, creating disease or symptoms.



We now offer intuitive massage as a healing modality..

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"Healing The Inner Child"


"The more we ignore our childhood wounds, the more they fester and grow. Until we heal the child we used to be, the adult we want to be doesn’t stand a chance." - Taken from, “The Age of Miracles” by Marianne Williamson

Inner Child Work is done through dialogue, breath work and body work in conjunction with healing flower essences. It is a brain-body partnership emphasizing compassion and non-judgment as opposed to “diagnosing mental or emotional illnesses”.

Grettal helps you to develop processing skills that keep you grounded on the track of truth, spirit and healing.



Grettal's healing practice called Activating Health is laying the way for the future today. She addresses and corrects health issues for her clients working at the energetic level of subtle waves and frequencies. Her approach and methods are holistic, natural, gentle, yet very powerful. She is profoundly wise and accurate as a Medical intuitive and Energy Therapist.

Three Years ago when I walked into her office, I was suffering from multiple sensitivities: to bright lights, sounds, smells, chemicals, electro-magnetic frequencies from electronic gadgets such as cell and cordless phones and computers. I had frequent headaches, and terrible soreness and ringing in the ears. I used to grind my teeth and my neck was always tight. I couldn't sit in front of the computer for more than 10 minutes without getting soreness in my eyes, head, ears, neck and shoulders. I had been to my doctor and many other specialists as well as Holistic Practitioners but none could help me alleviate my symptoms.

With just one treatment with Grettal, my symptoms were relieved! Greatly encouraged by the results, I continued further treatments. Grettal has been able to give me back my energy and increase my immunity and health. My sensitivities are down to just 5 - 10% as compared to before. I don't grind my teeth anymore and can work in front of a computer without any symptoms.

With her non-invasive approach I lie on a massage table wearing casual, loose-fitting clothing. From a range of homeopathics, flower escenses, essential oils, herbs, and crystals, Grettal works with my "energy disturbances" that show up as imbalances in my field. She tunes into the health issues with surprising accuracy and uses gentle craniosacral techniques to help unwind the knots stuck in my body from early illnesses and traumas.

Grettal's treatment peels off layers of misalignments and stagnant energy in a process that honours the way the body mind goes through its healing steps. In this way, her techniques most definitely provide sure and enduring corrections that result in more health. There was a time I didn't see Grettal for nearly five months and I noticed none of my symptoms were returning. The next time I saw her my body went right into its familiar process of balance and release of pressures. It's like learning to play the piano -once you learn, you never forget!

Manisha Melwani,
Self-Development Facilitator,
Richmond Hill, Ontario

What people are noticing after a few sessions:

"I went to Grettal for CranioSacral Therapy after my car accident and in just five sessions she took care of the fear, trauma, and pain and numbness on my right side. I am trying to convince my insurance company to contibute to this therapy as it was the most effective one I experienced after my injury. The allopathic doctor I went to gave me pain killers that gave me side effects. Then they said there was nothing else they could do. Thank-you Grettal for offering a safe, alternative way to heal and get my health back quickly."

"This recent work was like peeking in some corners and letting the next layer of some issues arise and dissolve. I do feel like we did some further unwinding in my legs and have to say that when I next did my calf stretches that night, there were no knots and they were soooo much looser. My hips too are not tight and feel like my legs and lower body are grounded in the here and now finally!

It feels as though we worked on a level of anxiety from letting people literally get me BENT OUT OF SHAPE seriously and literally. I'm a psychic sponge and take it all in and do not release it. I feel now we somehow strengthened my energy and made it more protective and by talking, I know I will PROCESS and RELEASE.

I feel grounder and reconnected to SIMPLY ME! My attachments seem to have disappeared or at least are more at peace. I also have more energy to get up early and do things FOR ME since I have less bodily pain to fill my heart with anxiety!"

"I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so very much for the good work you did with me on Wednesday. I have been waking up refreshed with more energy and my arms are no longer numb when I awake and my head doesn't feel like a bowling ball anymore!

I feel like I've come back to live in my body after all the pain I've been through made me hide in my left hip pocket, as we discovered. I am so clear, relaxed, serene and have a new beginning that started with your good
energy and work. Of course, as you so wisely know, I have to do my part too, as I have been these last couple days and I feel renewed and on a great new path. One step at a time now. I will be back to work with you again for sure.

Thanks for all that you do. You are a great spirit!"

"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the work you did with me.  The last few weeks have been filled with insight, acceptance and realization, thanks to what you have allowed me to 'download' from my state of 'frozen consciousness'.  Growth and evolution are not always easy or without a certain degree of perturbation, but they are a necessary part of a conscious life."

- Jade Altavilla (Polarity Therapist and Reiki Master)

Grettal has been pioneering a unique system of healing with herbal vibrations on the energetic level. With proven successful outcomes in many case studies, she feels it is important to bring this body of knowledge to others. She in now teaching a system that incorporates the body’s natural healing phases, hands-on techniques and the integration of supportive herbal vibrations. Grettal has her own practice as a Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Somato-Respiratory Facilitator and Intuitive Energy Healer.

Her work, knowledge and intuition in the natural healing process, is the most advanced, synergized, and truly somato-psychic modality that I, in my intensive research and experience, have been gratefully able to grow within and be a part of.

– Ezra Grant

"My thirteen year old son had been diagnosed with TMJ and his dentist suggested a Cranio-Sacral Therapist. His jaw hung down and it gave him a strange look. During the first few sessions with Grettal a lot of pressure was released from the gums and teeth. During the third session, his body went back to the memory of an accident at the age of 2 1/2. He had stood up in a shopping cart and it fell back, with his head landing on the hard floor. The shock of the fall had never been released and the pressure affected the ligaments and bones of his jaw. Within a half an hour the impact unwound itself and there was a noticeable change to his face. A week later the lower part of my son's face had toned up and began to realign. It was an amazing change."

- Donna (Holistic Health Administrator)

"My whole family has been going to Grettal and I am noticing a change in the way we interact. We are more loving and attentive to each other. We are working through our anger issues more quickly and we are able to communicate without going out of control."

- Rose (Interior designer)

"I have had srabysmus (lazy eye) and headaches for years. Treatments with Grettal has made a difference to my eyesight and my headaches are gone."

- Graydon (business consultant)

"I have suffered from depression and ended up taking drugs and going to a psychotherapist for an eating disorder. Sessions with Grettal revived my spirit. There were several unresolved issues that had bee buried deep down inside, asking to be sorted out. Grettal's caring intuitive abilities and bodywork guided me through to healthier perspectives and a deeper understanding of what made me behave in the way I did. I take more time for myself and l am learning to value me."

- Margaret (teacher)